6 Things to Consider BEFORE Giving Your Child a Multivitamin

The debate is as old as dirt…

Should we give a multivitamin to our kids? Even pediatricians can’t agree.

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As a parent and pharmacist of three young toddlers, all of which have different eating habits, my wife and I have decided that our kids should receive daily multivitamins. Here’s why:

  1. Our kid’s recommended daily allowance are met
  2. Vitamins are easy to administer (chewable)
  3. Vitamins are inexpensive
  4. Life is crazy and our time is valuable

Ensuring our kids are eating the proper foods at each meal is difficult, even borderline impossible.

I’m sure there are superhero parents reading this, but I have a kid who only wants to eat french fries at every meal. I have to choose my battles! Dinner takes 4 hours because he refuses to try broccoli…and extending that further to make sure he gets his daily intake of iron and vitamin C isn’t on the schedule.


Given these situations and our parental sanity, a daily multivitamin can serve as a piece of mind. When choosing a multivitamin, there are a few things to consider.

1. Ensure the vitamins are specifically formulated for your child’s age group.

2. Confirm the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals is targeted for that specific age.

3. ALWAYS double check the label to ensure the multivitamin is formulated for kids.

4. Note the indicated age and the dosage (1 or 2 tablets) that is required daily, ensuring you are not under or overdosing.

5. Check the recommended daily allowance (RDA) does not exceed 100% for the vitamins and minerals listed. A vitamin should not exceed the RDA given your kids will be eating foods throughout the day which provides additional vitamins and minerals.

6. Many multivitamins for children are inexpensive. The vitamins and minerals are the same from brand to brand, so there’s no reason to buy an expensive brand. Some brands may vary in concentration.

Chad Straughan, PharmD

Chad is the owner of Tidewater Pharmacy and Medical Supply, an independent community pharmacy that services the lowcountry area of South Carolina.

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